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Italy’s Amalfi Coast offers an unbelievable variety of charming sights. Discover the breathtaking beaches at Positano, the exciting architecture at Amalfi or the impressive ruins of ancient Pompeii. Ravello, Sorrento, Naples and the small Isle of Capri also count among the best-known places on the Amalfi Coast.

Admire the medieval center of Ravello and stop by famous Villa Rufolo. Enjoy the gorgeous views and fantastic beaches on Capri and experience the mesmerizing hustle and bustle of the metropolis of Naples. Take leisurely strolls through the picturesque alleys and at the beautiful beach of Sorrento.

The Amalfi Coast is a paradise for all those interested in the history and culture of Italy!

The Amalfi Coast
Pure romance

The Amalfi Coast, located south of Naples along the Gulf of Salerno, is one of the most romantic travel destinations in Italy, a symphony of colors and forms which is second to none in the world. 

Breathtaking views from the steep coast onto the deep blue sea, a stroll through the terraces of picturesque Praiano or Amalfi, a visit to the archaeological excavations of Pompeii, leisurely hiking tours through vineyards and olive groves, excursions into the mountains of the hinterland (rising up to 1,400 m!) with their canyons and jagged rocks, relaxing afternoons at the small bays of Sorrento, and when the red sun finally disappears into the sea…- Doesn’t this start you dreaming while still at home?

Italy's nature and culture in harmony

The charm of the landscape on the Amalfi Coast lies, above all, with the unique interplay of blue sea, lively coastal towns such as Atrani and wildly jagged steep coast. Even the Greeks and Romans were struck by the beauty of this region, a region for centuries accessible only from the sea or on foot by mountain paths. 

The entire coastal region was named after Amalfi, where, in the 10th century, the first maritime republic of Italy was founded, which had far-reaching trade relations. It was not until Pisa and Genoa became more powerful that it lost its economic significance.

Any big journey to or tour of Italy simply has to include the Amalfitana. It was in the course of the 19th century at the latest and with the construction of the coastal road in 1857 greatly advancing its accessibility and development that this notion took hold. At that time, the Amalfi Coast quickly became well-known and artists and intellectuals from all over Europe settled along the coasts. The coastal road, winding and very narrow in some places, with pendent rocks and steep precipices, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. 

A paradise for active vacationers: Along well marked-out hiking routes, old mule trails and low-traffic side roads hikers and cyclists discover the rural face of the Amalfitana

The Amalfi Coast is also a place where you can relax. Gorgeous coasts, sights such as Villa Rufolo at Ravello, the seaport of Salerno southeast of Naples add to making your holidays unforgettable. 

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