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‘Uno dei borghi più belli d´Italia’: The small mountain village enchants you with its wonderful medieval ‘centro storico’.

It attracts you with its authenticity and marvelous views of the coastal landscape.

Beautiful holiday homes & holiday apartments at Albori
for unforgettable holidays on the
Amalfi Coast

Many travelers might have heard nothing or little of the small mountain village of Albori on the eastern border of the Amalfi Coast. There is no such hustling and bustling as there is at neighboring Vietri Sul Mare, a town famous for its ceramics, Albori displays tranquility and authentic village life. The village located at an altitude of 300 m is quite rightly called “uno dei borghi più belli d’Italia” – one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
So why not spend your holidays at a holiday apartment or home at charming Albori?


Lively colored houses, small, winding terraced alleys, an idyllic village piazza and, last but not least, fantastic views of the sea and the Amalfi Coast – simply captivating, which our guests staying at one of the holiday homes or apartments we arrange for at Albori cannot but confirm. The contemplative, small mountain village is ideal for all those who wish to experience the peaceful and tranquil side of the Costiera Amalfitana.  

Albori’s location is unique: Built on the slopes of Monte Falerzio and blessed with a magnificent panorama, the mountain village connects sea and mountains in a special way. The nearest sandy beach is only about 3 km off and is easy to reach by way of a stepped path. The heart of the village beats at its idyllic piazza with the church of Santa Margherita, in which you can admire valuable frescoes of Neapolitan schooling.


Origins of lovely Albori

The origins of Albori, which was mentioned for the first time at the beginning of the 9th century, seem to be found at the seaside. The later inhabitants of the place left the seaside for the mountains, seeking refuge from Saracen attacks on Monte Falerzio, where they founded the mountain village. 


Up to the present day, Albori has preserved its original Mediterranean architecture – the colorful houses once welcome signs visible from afar for the sailors returning home after a long time at sea.
Whether you rent a holiday home or a holiday apartment at Albori, you will feel at ease there right from the start!

Enjoying culinary delights while vacationing on the Amalfi Coast

Typically local dishes include “penne alla cuppitiello”, with a sauce made of seasonal vegetables, and “palle di ciuccio”, sweet-and-sour potato croquettes.

Restaurant “Garden”, at the entrance to Albori, offers a wonderful panorama and culinary delicacies. Do stop by while spending your holidays at one of the holiday accommodations we arrange for at Albori.


Start on excursions to Amalfi and to Positano conveniently from Salerno’s tourist harbor (Masuccio Salernitano).
You get to admire the impressive formations of the steep coast from the sea and you don’t have to deal with the traffic on the coastal road, which tends to be rather heavy, above all during the summer months. 

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Piccola Dea

  •  25 m² Ferienhaus
  •  2 Personen
  • Erdgeschoss

Villa Belvedere

  • 60m² Ferienhaus
  • für 3 Personen (max. 3 Erwachsene)
  • Erdgeschoss

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