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Travel&Experience at the Amalfi Coast

Experience "la cucina italiana" with all your senses: Cooking Workshop at Locanda Costa Diva/Praiano

La cucina italiana - Italian cuisine is famous all over the world for its wonderful flavors, its lightness and its good ingredients.

Should you be interested in getting to know this "delicious" part of Italian way of life during your holidays, you can do so by taking part in this workshop at the Amalfi Coast. An afternoon marked by taste, flavor...!

The cooking workshop is organized by hotel-restaurant Hotel Locanda Costa Diva at Praiano and is open to hotel as well as to external guests.

Detailed information about the Cooking Workshop

Lemon Tour at Conca dei Marini - On a discovery tour of the "Gold of Amalfi" with Fiorenzo

Limoncello, lemons and the Amalfi Coast simply go together. More than any other plant or fruit the brilliantly yellow fruit characterizes the Amalfitan landscape. It therefore comes as no surprise that it is an inherent part of the Amalfi Coast's traditional cuisine. 

With his Lemon Tour at Conca dei Marini, Fiorenzo Oliveto, owner of restaurant Le Bontà del Capo, offers entertaining and delicious insight into the culinary world of your holiday region.

After a guided tour of Fiorenzo's lemon orchard, you are off to peeling lemons and preparing the limoncello, before you are treated to and indulge in a three-course menu.

Detailed information about the Lemon Tour

Hiking between heaven and earth: hiking holiday organized by Hotel Villa Bellavista/Praiano

The beauties of the Amalfi Coast are best explored on foot: With your local hiking guide you will explore impressive routes at the Amalfi Coast. However, you will not miss out on culture either: The program includes, amongst others, visits to Capri, Ravello and Amalfi.

The hiking holiday is organized by Hotel Villa Bellavista at Praiano,where you will be accommodated during your stay at the Amalfi Coast.