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Traveling to your holiday accommodation on the Amalfi Coast

By train

The most uncomplicated way of reaching the Amalfi Coast by train is to take the night train to Rome and further on to Naples or Salerno. it is a comfortable way of traveling overnight for about 15 hours from Munich to the Campania region. Breakfast is already included in the ticket prices for sleeping cars.

For more information see ÖBB nightjet

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By car

From southern German we recommend taking the Brenner Highway E45/A22 as far as Modena; from there take A1 to Naples, then continue on A3 direction Salerno until you reach the exit you wish to take and follow the appropriate country roads to your destination.

For guests from the north or west of Germany, the route through Switzerland may be reasonable – via Schaffhausen, Zurich, Milan and Bologna to Naples.

For an exact road map, we recommend the web site of www.viamichelin.com.

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By plane

A suitable destination would be Naples. Some carriers offer direct flights to Naples airport. Alternatively, many airlines offer flights with transfer at Milan or Rome.

Destination Naples airport

At Naples airport you can either pick up your rental car or continue on by taking the bus to the main train station (Napoli Centrale) or to the harbor of Naples. The so-called Alibus runs at 20-minute intervals from the airport to the train station and back.

From Naples you can take the train to Salerno and from there continue on to the Amalfi Coast by bus or rental car.

Destination Rome airport

From Rome-Fiumicino airport you can take either a shuttle bus or the train (Leonardo Express), which run at half hour intervals, to the central train station Roma Termini. From there you can continue on to Salerno by taking either the Intercity (without change of trains) or the Eurostar to Naples and from there the regional train to Salerno.

From Rome-Ciampino airport you can take a shuttle bus to the center of Ciampino, which is about 15 km south-east of Rome, and from there continue on by train to Roma Termini. Alternatively, you can take a shuttle bus from Ciampino airport straight to the main train station of Rome. For traveling on to the Amalfi Coast from Roma Termini see above.

Take over responsibility for the climate - fly atmosfair

The climate impact created by the emissions of one passenger on the return flight from London/Heathrow - Naples amount to about 950 kg CO2, New York - Naples to about 3500 kg CO2.

You can offset your flight's climate impact by donating a specified amount to a climate project and do your share in protecting our climate.

Click here for more information www.atmosfair.de/en

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Rental Car Service

Please do not hesitate to ask us for support concerning the organization of a rental car at Naples, Salerno or Sorrento via SunnyCars, which we have been cooperating with for many years.

SunnyCars has got low-price offers incl. insurance!

To the rental car reservation

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Public transportation at the Amalfi Coast & airport transfer service

On the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine Peninsula, public transportation is well organized and developed. During the summer months, in particular, you are well advised to take the bus to get from one coastal town to the next. Should you plan on a journey to the Amalfi Coast without car, then you can rely on the fact that there are several connections per day to/from Naples, Sorrento and Salerno. 

Along the coastal road, Amalfi is a kind of hub and terminal station for the lines running Salerno – Amalfi and Sorrento – Amalfi. Coming from Salerno and bound for Positano/Sorrento, you have to change lines at Amalfi. The same goes for the other way round.

Shuttle bus (Alibus) Naples airport Capodichino - Naples main train station

Alibus: The Alibus runs at 20-minute intervals between the airport, the harbor and the central train station of Naples.

Tickets are available for € 5 one-way at the following stores:

  • Naples airport: Sun Store Tabacchi
  • Naples main train station: Bar Bellavita, Biglietteria/Ticket Office A.I.R. Piazza Garibaldi, BOX R.I.T.A. Piazza Garibaldi Int. Stazione FF.SS., Edicola/Newsstand Piazza Garibaldi Stazione FF.SS., Tabacchi

Tickets can also be bought from the bus driver (€ 5/one way).

Timetable (bus runs at 30-minute intervals):

  • From the airport

Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 23:40 h
Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 06:30 - 23:40 h

  • From the main train station

Monday - Friday: 05:40 - 00:20 h
Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 06:10 - 00:20 h

Direct connection by bus Naples airport - Amalfi

Pintour offers Naples-Amalfi transfer service 3 times daily at the moment. It is an approx. 2-hour bus ride. Currently you have to count on € 20 per adult and € 10 Euro per child (up to 12 years of age).

From Naples to Amalfi: 9:45 h (arrival 11:55 h) - 14:45 h (arrival 16:55 h) - 19:45 h (arrival 21:55 h)

From Amalfi to Naples: 7:25 h (arrival 9:15 h) - 12:15 h (arrival 14:15 h) - 17:15 h (arrival 19:15 h)

For up-to-date information check the site of Pintour.

Journey to Vietri sul Mare, Raito, Albori, Cetara, Erchie, Maiori and Minori

From Naples, these places are quickest to reach via Salerno. There are trains and busses from Naples (airport or central train station) to Salerno:

Naples airport (Capodichino) - Salerno

From Salerno, bus line Salerno – Amalfi serves the towns mentioned above:

Salerno - Vietri sul Mare - Cetara - Maiori (incl. Erchie) - Minori - Amalfi

Please note: If you are bound for Raito (bus line 1) or Albori (bus line 68), you have to change at Vietri sul Mare to the CSTP-busses running to those towns:

Marina di Vietri - Vietri sul Mare - Raito - Albori

See the timetables of the Busitalia-busses

("Feriale" = weekday timetable; "Festivo" = Sunday and holiday timetable)

Journey to Praiano, Positano, Conca dei Marini, Colli di Fontanelle and Massa Lubrense

From Naples, these places are easiest to reach via Sorrento.

Shuttle bus from Naples airport to Sorrento: www.curreriviaggi.it (€ 10, tickets available in the bus); daily 9:00 - 19:30 h

The Circumvesuviana (railway) runs from Naples (central train station) to Sorrento. From there, bus line Sorrento – Amalfi serves one town after the other: 

Amalfi - Conca dei Marini - Praiano - Positano - Colli di Fontanelle - Sorrento

Please note: There is a direct connection from Sorrento to Massa Lubrense:

Sorrento - Massa Lubrense

Information about the Circumvesuviana: On the Naples-Sorrento route, trains run at 30-minute intervals with stops at Portici, Ercolano, Pompeii and Torre Annunziata. A second line runs northwards around Mount Vesuvius. Current timetables are found in the daily newspapers and at www.eavsrl.it

Excursions (Ravello, Amalfi, Sentiero degli Dei, Pompeii, Naples, etc.)

Ravello is absolutely worth a visit; however, it is not located on the famous coastal road, but somewhat apart. In order to get to Ravello, first take the bus to Amalfi, then change to the line Amalfi – Scala there:

Scala - Ravello - Amalfi

Amalfi - Pogerola

Agerola, Furore and Sentiero degli Dei, Conca dei Marini and Tovere

Via Amalfi, you reach the towns of Agerola and Furore, should you want to go hiking along Sentiero degli Dei, for example. From Amalfi, you can also reach the towns of Conca dei Marini and Tovere di Amalfi:

Naples - Castellammare di Stabia - Agerola - Furore - Amalfi

Useful link concerning bus connections for excursions: 

Survey of all SITA-bus connections at the Amalfi Coast

Current timetables are, for example, also found in the daily newspapers.

Unico Campania

Tourists traveling without car on the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine Peninsula and who want to discover Campania's cultural treasures might be interested in the Campania ArteCard. With this card you can use all the regional, public means of transportation and profit from reduced entrance fees to quite a number of museums and cultural sites.

Price: € 32
Valid for: 3 days
Where to buy: at participating museums and at Naples main train station
More information about the Campania ArteCard is found at unicocampania or at campaniartecard.

Further information

On the islands of Capri and Ischia you are also well advised to use public transportation. You are not allowed to take your private car to the islands. 

Bus tickets can be purchased at the tabacchi shops (marked by a ‘white T against dark background’ sign) and usually also at café-bars. 

Italian bus timetables - explanation:

(Periodo) invernale - winter timetable (usually mid September - mid June)

(Periodo) estivo - summer timetable (usually mid June- mid September)

Valido dal... al... / in vigore dal - valid from... to.../ valid as of

(Orario) feriale - on workdays

(Orario) festivo - on Sundays and holidays

Andata / Ritorno - journey there / journey back

Scolastico - on school days

Vacanze scolastiche - school holidays

Escluso (estivo, domenica etc.) - excluded (not during summer, not on Sundays etc.)

Lu - Ve (Lunedì - Venerdì) - Monday - Friday

Sabato, Domenica - Saturday, Sunday

Percorso - route

Cambio vettura a... - change bus at...

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By boat along the Amalfi Coast and to the islands in the Gulf of Naples

Ferries (traghetti) and hydrofoils (aliscafi) serve the routes between the towns of Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and the islands of Capri and Ischia daily.

Connections, timetables and rates can be found on the sites of Traghettilines and Metrò del Mare. 

Useful information concerning, amongst others, timetables and rates is also found on the sites of the following ferry companies: 


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